Sonya Kay

Билеты Беz Обмежень, Арсен Мірзоян та Sonya Kay
24 february 18:00 sunday
Беz Обмежень, Арсен Мірзоян та Sonya Kay

Sonya Kay

The musical performer Sonya Kay whose songs today are listened to by a huge number of her loyal admirers and fans, in everyday life is also a rather creative person, which most likely led her to this craft. The girl's family was quite creative, considering that her dad Seryozha led an ensemble called "Cheremosh", in which Rotaru's mother Lydia and her sister sang. Among other things, Sonya Kay also has a godmother - Sofia Rotaru.

For 10 years, the artist lived and studied in Britain. After that, she managed to study for a master's degree as an interior designer at Kingston University.

The beginning of a solo career can be compared with a musical composition called "Rain", followed by another song "White Snow". The track of 2012, which was called "Cities", became a folk song and received the smallest success. It could be heard on all Ukrainian radio stations, after which it was reissued into a lounge version of up to 4 dance remixes. In the same year, the premiere of the music video of the same name and the remake took place on music TV channels. In 2012, in the fall of Sonya Kay Deluxe, everyone could listen as she was giving a concert, and presented a new video for the track called "Crazy Love", which was released in two languages.

A year later, a composition and video, known as "In English", was released.

In the springtime you could see a video and a remake of the song together with the "Hug Me" remix, and by the end of summer time - the video "Free".

The time interval from the end of 2015 to the end of 2016 was dedicated to the fact that a completely new project in the tropical house genre was created, in which it was also possible to trace elements of deep house. A concert performance and a newly minted musical collection were presented to the people, both in English and in Ukrainian. In 2016, at the beginning of autumn, on one of the tracks, the girl released a video called "I know, I'm yours." It was a real work, as a result of which music critics simply admired, left extremely positive reviews, were interested in the media space and all kinds of great deals from recording studios.

For several years ahead, it is planned to create two more videos for songs from the new music collection. At the onset of 2017, it is planned to release a disc and write a concert program, which will have to be performed live with the completely new Sonya Kay. Musical compositions by Sonya Kay can be downloaded on the Internet at any convenient time. She is so alone, and presenting her tracks, she completely gives her soul and shares her emotions and feelings with the audience and listeners.

In 2018, the world saw her first mini-album, which was called "Listen to my heart", which included many songs that became hits. And in the spring of the same year, a video was filmed for the songs, which conquered thousands of hearts. This girl is really talented and extraordinary.